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This site is dedicated to a group of us who go up to Clanwilliam Dam for a holiday once a year (Newyear). For some dumb reason we keep going back, year after year. We come from all over the world to meet up for this 1 week holiday, and this has been going on for about 15 years now! I think the original idea was to ski - but now we just sit around and do nothing in the baking sun. Bliss......

We Love this place. It is a unique gift from The Word of splendor  to us all.


BULSHOEK Dam         (down the road)

Current Dam levels in South Africa

Clanwilliam Town info

Bill Hollenbachs Observatory

 A foreigners camping experience at the dam

Open Air Theater


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About the Town

A brief history and some pictures of Clanwilliam town.

Don't quote me on any of this. Might not be 100% accurate.

A comparison of Clanwilliam dam when full and empty

Some photos and comparisons of Clanwilliam Dam when it is completely full, and when almost empty.

There is basically just the Oliphant's river flowing through a sandy desert that was once the dam when it is empty.

The last few years it has become increasingly more and more empty.

If staying over for the night, take time to lookup in the middle of the night and look at the stars above - awesome compared to what you'll see in the city. Bill Hollenbach's Observatory near Sanddrift is worth checking out. It used to be free but check with him first. Easy on the beers too beforehand if you intend going - the road sucks and there is a serious pass that you don't want to go over the edge of. 

About Clanwilliam Dam and campsite

Some history of Clanwilliam dam & opinions of the municipal campsite.

Neither of which are the reason for our yearly return. For some it is the company, others the freedom of the relatively short arm of the law. Many to escape the snow & sleet from the Northern hemisphere. For me the beauty of the place, a time to relax with good friends and a closeness to God.

General Town News

New Skippers License update

The Photo Album

All your pictures according to year if possible.  The rest are in the unknown section. The originals can be downloaded from the ftp site if you want to make prints etc. Ask Ivor, Ant, Bob, Lindsey or anyone else in the IT industry for the details.


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